Oakland-New England Once Again

Shawn DieboldContributor IAugust 6, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - 2007:  Derrick Burgess of the Oakland Raiders poses for his 2007 NFL headshot at photo day in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Getty Images)

It seems that from reports Derrick Burgess is gone. After much speculation he is no longer a problem to the team as he is now on his way to the New England Patriots.

The Raiders received one or two undisclosed draft picks. Most likely third or fourth rounders. This may be the best deal the Raiders could have gotten. The Patriots now look to resign Vince Wilfork to a more lucrative deal and there was not another impact player that they would have given up.

This may be a sign that the (Raider Organization) is what you can say a little more chill with the Pats. Of course its the organization i know the real fans hate the Pats as much as i do. This trade according to reports will work out better than the previous deal worked between Oakland and New England.

Sure he had some great years in Oakland but just not enough offense. He didn't purposely give a half-ass performance unlike that other guy.

So will this be a good deal? Its too early to tell but getting draft picks in those rounds can certainly help rebuild this franchise to what it once was: Greatness.