Snoop Dogg Visits Ravens Training Camp

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IAugust 6, 2009

Now that I am free of mandatory training with my day job, I have the time to post this. Here's the Ravens Insider blog post about Snoop Dogg visiting Ravens training camp this morning.

He had a four- or five-person entourage, and these were some well-dressed guys. I loved the guy whose main job was to hold Snoop’s umbrella as he walked around under it.

According to both Snoop and Ray Lewis, they are close friends and Lewis invited him to training camp. The players responded well to Snoop’s appearance, and they seemed to have some fun.

Snoop’s football appearances are usually relegated to USC and little league football in Cali. So it is quite an honor for the Doggfather to fall through the Owings Mills camp. At the same time, does this make Oakland Raiders fans feel some kind of way about the open AFC diss?

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