Brooke Hogan: The Savior for the WWE Divas Division?

C VContributor IAugust 6, 2009

MIAMI BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 02:  Singer Brook Hogan arrives to Maxim's Pre-Super Bowl XLI Party at the Sagamore Hotel  on February 2, 2007 in Miami Beach, Florida.  (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

There has been only mild interest in the WWE Divas lately, and it’s easy to see why. There are no highly recognizable Divas currently on the roster.

No Playboy playmates (Sable, Torrie, Chyna, or even Christy Hemme).

No big name woman wrestlers (Lita, Stratus, or Stacy Keibler) are present during any of the shows.

Many of the Divas are good wrestlers, such as Mickie James, Gail Kim, and Natalya, but there is definitely something missing...something that would make you NOT want to miss a Diva segment.

A comeback from one of the mentioned Divas would be great, but not likely to happen. The “Billion Dollar Princess” would be an attraction for sure, but she’d probably pull a Triple H and use her influence to put herself over the other Divas and hog the spotlight. Chances are, she would talk and talk to no end and barely wrestle at all.

Enter “The Incredibly Sexy” Brooke Hogan. Sashaying down the ramp, wearing yellow and red spandex and a pair of barely covered 24 inch…well, you can just use your imagination.

Brooke would definitely bring some much needed attention to the women’s division if she were to wrestle.  In a recent article from The Sun: Brook declared that she would “Kick ass in WWE.”

Just the name Hogan would make her a shoe in for Legacy, or even on her own as a “face” Diva. If you’ve seen Brooke Knows Best then you’ve seen her sexy charisma come through the screen.

If she were up to it, I’m sure there would be a way to make her involvement a success. With a name like Hogan, even the WWE “writers” should have heard of her.