Annika Sorenstam, Justine Henin: What's Up with the Sudden Retirements?

Mike SimmonsCorrespondent IMay 14, 2008

As of today, two sports superstars will have retired in the past two days. By this I mean Annika Sorenstam and Justine Henin.

Both were at the top of their games and have retired "on their own terms." Both retirements were unexpected and happened very early. Though it isn't the decision of the fans, these two women had at least three or for more years to go.

Justine Henin, the No. 1 player in the world, has only won seven Grand Slam events. Everyone might think this is a lot, but she is only ranked 11th in that category.

Oh yeah, shes only 25! Plus, she only has 41 singles wins. She is very young and no doubt had a whole career in front of her. For all we know she could have become the next Billie Jean King.

Now to get to Annika Sorenstam. She was at the top of the golf world for most of her career. She competed in men's and women's tournaments, and she has 90 career wins.

Though she was 36, she still had a lot of time left before retirement should have rolled around. Besides, everyone that follows women's golf would have liked to see a competition between Sorenstam and Lorena Ochoa.

Undoubtedly a very early decision to retire, and maybe one that could make Ochoa the next Tiger Woods.

For these two women all I can say is, "Good luck in all of your future endeavors, hope to see you in those old timer games :)."