Ethan Skolnick: Could LeBron James Really Bolt the Cavaliers This Summer?

Team Stream NowB/R VideoDecember 30, 2014

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The homecoming is still fresh in everyone's mind, and it would seem unfathomable to see LeBron James leave Cleveland again; however, with their head coach on the hot seat and turmoil mounting as the losses add up, James has leverage to do so if the pieces don't fit and the experiment ends up being a bigger mess than a success. 

Will James opt out of his contract with Cleveland at the end of the year if things don't go well on the court? Is David Blatt the right coach for the Cavaliers?

Find out as Stephen Nelson and Bleacher Report's Ethan Skolnick discuss James' future with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the job security of Blatt in the video above.