Melis Peters Jr.Contributor IAugust 6, 2009

1986:  Wide receiver Butch Johnson of the Denver Broncos stands on the field during a game. Mandatory Credit: David Cannon  /Allsport

As we approach another Hall of fame induction ceremony once again a person who I believe was one the greatest wide outs in his era is overlooked.Butch Johnson jersey number 86 was the Patrick Crayton of that time he was the one they forgot about ,playing beside Drew Pearson,Tony Hill and Preston Pearson no relations to Drew but when you have that type of talent it is easy to be over looked by other teams the media and whoever else which may explain why he has been overlooked by the NFL HALL OF FAME committee.Number 86 was the inventor of the California Shake which he demonstrated many times after he scored, not only did he get the crowed excited but the women loved it at those moments B.Johnson was on top of his game.Butch Johnson who went to collegein Riverside, California joined the Cowboys in 1976 and played 7 seasons,where he put up the same stats that his teammates at the same position was putting in the stat books, finishing his football career in Denver in 1986.Johnson has not been heard from or seen in several years the last heard he owned several car dealerships but one wonders does he wait to get that call, the call that many before him played and the few after had played have received and have  been inducted.Sad to say that Mr.Johnson has not even been recognised by the Dallas Cowboys organization even though his former teammates have Staubach,Tony Dorsett,Randy White and the list goes on.Yes Butch Johnson is a unsung hero a Hall of Famer in many eyes even though there is yellow jacket or statue of him in Canton,Ohio