The Miz to Smackdown?

Juan Correspondent IAugust 6, 2009

As we all know, The Miz was recently banned from Raw and Summerslam. Most of you are probably criticizing that move by the WWE.

What could happen to the Miz? Would another guest host bring back The Miz? Will there be a storyline where The Miz tries to sneak back into Raw like some of you think?

As that could happen, I would want The Miz to just jump ship to Smackdown!. We all know that it’s the best show right now.

On Raw, I see The Miz losing to Cena every week, not treated the way he should be.

At first, with his promos about Cena, we thought his move to Raw was good. But, as we all predicted, when the match between them finally took place, The Miz was not given a win over Cena and was basically squashed.

I was disappointed to see this after being so excited for all the stuff that he could’ve done on Raw. Kofi vs. The Miz would’ve been great. Or maybe Shawn Michaels vs. The Miz.

The possibilities are endless.

But, The Miz, who will soon be followed by Evan Bourne, has failed on Raw. For both of them, Smackdown! is better.

Smackdown! seems to treat its young talent better than Raw. I wouldn’t mind seeing The Miz become United States Champion. A feud between him and Dolph Ziggler would be amazing. I would like to see a Heel vs. Heel feud.

A feud between Morrison and Miz, wouldn’t that be something?

Usually when superstars start out in tag teams, one surpasses the other in the future. For example, Shawn Michaels over Marty Jannetty, or Jeff Hardy over Matt Hardy.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

In the end, even though I wrote this article, they're probably going to do something else with him and it might be worse than his Cena feud.