Novak Djokovic Blames Swine Flu for Early Wimbledon Exit (Humor)

Robert OrzechowskiAnalyst IAugust 6, 2009

It has been confirmed that Novak Djokovic's loss to Tommy Haas at Wimbledon can be blamed on the Swine Flu.  Djokovic suspected something was afoul when, during his match, he started to weeze.

"I felt strange as I was playing him.  I started to snort uncontrollably after every one of my shots and had a craving for fermented milk," he said.

He apparently contracted it from a family picnic just prior to the Wimbledon tournament.

"We were picking out a pig to slaughter on the family farm.  I picked out a pig that looked juicy but now that I think about it, he could have had a runny nose.  My bad."

Djokovic now believes that he is fully recovered and ready for the upcoming US Open. 

"I believe I will be ok.  However if I play poorly and get knocked out of the upcoming tournaments, it probably means that that pig also had mono.  I knew something was wrong when I concluded my post-match interview in Wimbledon with an 'appya appya appya'...THAT'S ALL FOLKS!" 

Djokovic's doctor could not be reached for comment and his personal trainer declined all interview requests.