Daily dump: The Kurse of Kardashian?

Matt TarrContributor IFebruary 16, 2017

We should’ve seen this one coming. If you caught Jim Rome’s radio interview with Sean Payton on Tuesday, you heard the Saints coach offer a quick thumbs-up to the status of Reggie Bush’s injured left knee before immediately emphasizing the team’s depth at the running back position. Hmmm.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

On Wednesday morning, we found out why Payton may have been so much more eager to discuss Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell than he was his oft-injured media darling. Bush, who underwent surgery to repair cartilage in the damaged knee in December, left practice early on Wednesday and returned later with his knee wrapped in ice, according to numerous sources. Bush had already been working under a limited practice schedule, and for much of the day reports swirled that the former Southern Cal standout could be headed toward a no-practice-at-all schedule.

On Wednesday night, however, Bush dismissed the doom-and-gloom reports. “I iced it just as a precaution, so when I ice it, that means I’m just maintaining,” Bush told the Associated Press. “I’ve got to stay on top of it and treat it as if it was the first day I injured it.”

Saints fans can only hope Wednesday’s early exit was just a bump on the road to recovery for Bush, who’s missed a combined 10 games due to injury the last two seasons. But let this be a warning to all pro athletes – this is the fate that could await you when you break up with big-bootied socialite princesses two weeks before the start of training camp. Karma, thy name is Kardashian.

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