Patriots Videogate: Roger Goodell's Personal Vendetta

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Patriots Videogate: Roger Goodell's Personal Vendetta
Icon Sports MediaThe NFL announced today that all of the Patriots' notes and tapes have been destroyed, and that a warning has been issued to all 32 teams to abide by the rules.

I have a big problem—a VERY BIG problem—with the way Roger Goodell's office handled the matter.

Destroying the Pats' tapes sends the wrong message—that the Pats were the ONLY team to steal opponents' signals.

The announcement will only further perpetuate the misconception that the Pats' acted alone...and that no other team has ever employed similar methods.

The result?

People who want to believe it will still perceive the Pats as cheaters.

I'm ready to conclude that, deep down, Goodell must have a bone to pick with the Patriots—an issue that may date back to when he worked for the Jets, or even when he was growing up a Jets fans.

Goodell is very smart man. It stands to reason that he's acting purposively, in a very subtle manner, to make NFL fans—and the national media—believe that Bill Belichick's team cheated its way to three Super Bowl wins.

I for one don't trust Goodell at all.

If he were acting fairly, he'd publicly order the other 31 teams in the league to turn over any and all material pertaining to stolen signals. Many former coaches and players have gone on record calling signal-stealing a common practice amongst most, if not all, NFL organizations.

My guess would be that most of the evidence has been destroyed by now. In any event, Goodell continues to pursue his personal vendetta.


I don't know...YET.

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