Eli, Giants Talk Colossal Extension

Mike GreenspireContributor IAugust 5, 2009

Quarterback Eli Manning and the Giants are working on a 6-year $97.5 million extension, with $35 million in guaranteed money. This deal would make the Super Bowl 42-winning quarterback the highest paid player in the National Football League.

This potential deal is coming off a 12-4 division-winning season and a 1st-round playoff bye, their first since the 2000-01 post-season.

However, Eli was ranked 17th in passing yards at the conclusion of last season, and he, as well as the entire team really struggled when they lost Plaxico Burress near the end of the year.

So, my first thought after hearing this was "Wow, are you serious?" Did the Giants' front office not see how hard he struggled when his favorite toy was taken away?

While Plax may not have been the best statistical receiver on that roster in 2008, he was the best overall wideout, and history has shown us that when one piece is taken out of the puzzle, the entire thing has the potential to collapse.

Now, I'm not saying nor do I believe that that will happen with the New York Giants, but it is definitely something that I hope they took into account before giving #10 all that money.

Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith may even make up completely for the loss of Burress and more. I can honestly see those two becoming a speed duo that defenses could have some major problems against.

But, regardless, this is taking a big risk financially just to keep Eli out of the free agent market.

Let me hear your thoughts!

-Mike Greenspire