Madden 2010: Curse Revealed

stephen rileyCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2009

Madden 2010: Curse Revealed

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First the retirement, then the Packers, then the Jets, then the throwing arm. It all added up for a wacky season for Farve

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Young just hasn't been the same since his '08 appearance on Madden

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Alexander's probably reminiscing about the days before his dreaded '07 Madden photo shoot

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2006's pose doomed McNabb for the next two season

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Ray Lewis is pretty tough, but the Madden curse proved to be a little bit tougher

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Vick has juked every possible defender there is, except for the Madden curse

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Madden curse for two players on the cover, what are the odds? According to history, pretty good

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