The Legend Of Cleveland...

Casey PalumboContributor IAugust 5, 2009

When you think of Cleveland sports you think LeBron James, but before LBJ took the reign as the King of Cleveland, there was one man who was Cleveland. That man is Bernie Kosar. He is the legend of Cleveland. He is and will always be the face of the Cleveland Browns. With his latest personal problems with going bankrupt is a sad thing to hear, he knows that the fans will always support him. 

When I was little, I was the kid that was always playing in the backyard with my friends and family acting like I was BK, even with the side arm pass and the #19 jersey. When he was released from the Browns it was probably the second saddest day in Browns history (1st being Art moving to Baltimore). When he left I made sure I had the Cowboys and Dolphins BK jerseys. 

One thing that has been brought up many times is that Bernie should be involved with the Browns one way or another. Bernie alone will help put the marketing team to work because we all know right now they probably do not have much to do.