Why The Legacy Needs a Blood Transfusion

Dan WikoffContributor IAugust 5, 2009

Randy Orton and The Legacy have, in my opinion, reached the point where they need to inject new blood into their stable. 

Not only is Randy Orton fighting the same people over and over again, but Ted and Cody are getting stale as well. 

New blood in The Legacy will help make their faction stronger and more entertaining.

Who should they invite to join? 

Well obviously, they have to be second or third generation wrestlers. I personally think The Hart Dynasty would be a great addition (Well, at least Natalya and Smith). 

They could even make for a Legacy takeover of Smackdown.

Some surprising choices I would make would be the likes of Chavo Guerrero and Goldust (who should go back to Dustin Runnels if joining Legacy). 

Even though these mid-card wrestlers have been used as feeder fish to other wrestlers and made to be in joke matches, they still are great wrestlers.

Anyone remember the days of the NWO? Always wondered which wrestler was going to join next or be on the receiving end of a beating? 

Once Legacy grows, we can see new matches and new directions which will breathe new life into the group and ensure that they will be around for a long time. 

Could you imagine Legacy holding all the titles? 

I hope that WWE creative see the light and give Legacy the blood transfusion they so desperately need.