Bad Blood May Fuel: Good Ol' Rivalry Toronto vs. Cleveland or Orlando?

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Bad Blood May Fuel: Good Ol' Rivalry Toronto vs. Cleveland or Orlando?

So, with Anthony Parker and more recently Jamario Moon signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, are we know in a feud with the Cavaliers?


With Orlando acquiring the man that screwed over this franchise Vince "Bitch" Carter and us acquiring Turkoglu, are we now in a feud with the Magic?

Hmm... well i really have no idea how i'm going to figure this one out. Let's just overview all the factors and possibilities that go into these feuds.

Cleveland Vs. Toronto

Cleveland has two former Raptors in Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker. They also, have Shaq who called the face of our franchise Chris Bosh "Rupaul".

We have no one on our current roster who has played for the Cavs. But, we arguably know have a guy who will stand up to and guard Shaq in Reggie Evans. Although, unless we're double teaming Shaq he won't be guarding him and Andrea and maybe Rasho will.

The matchup of the starting line ups looks like this:

Toronto                                                          Cleveland

C:Andrea Bargnani                                             C:Shaq

PF: Chris Bosh                                                  PF:Anderson Varajeo

SF: Hedo Turkoglu                                             SF: Lebron James

SG: Marco Bellinelli(in my opinion)                         SG: Delonte West

PG: Jose Calderon                                              PG: Mo Williams

Cavaliers win Center, Raptors win PF, Cavaliers win SF, Tied at SG, Raptors win at PG.

This years season series should be interesting because our second unit is arguably the dirtiest in the NBA and the Cavaliers have a good second unit.

If Belli has a break out year, he can beat out Delonte and if Bargnani continues to improve he may be able to hold Shaq from getting some baskets. 

It's pretty tight if you ask me.

Orlando Vs. Toronto

The Magic have enemy No.15 on their roster which means they are practically calling out the Raptors. While we stole one of their key players last year in Hedo Turkoglu.

Now, both are past their prime. But, Hedo is two years younger than Vince and has more left in the tank. Vince has never done anything that significant basketball wise except teabag dunk that tall Australian or something guy in the olympics.

Hedo has made it to the NBA finals and is the defending most improved player.

Let's look at the starting lineup matchup:

Toronto                                                   Orlando

C: Andrea Bargnani                                   C: Dwight Howard

PF: Chris Bosh                                         PF: Brandon Bass

SF: Hedo Turkoglu                                   SF: Rashard Lewis

SG: Marco Bellinelli                                   SG: Vince Carter

PG: Jose Calderon                                    PG: Jameer Nelson

Orlando wins at center, Toronto wins PF and SF, Orlando wins SG, Orlando win PG.

We can pull out wins against Orlando if we utilize where we're better than Orlando which is PF,SF, and maybe PG. The question is will that be the gameplan when the Raps face the Magic?

Our second unit beats Orlando's. So, when they're on the court we can get more points than Orlando. Hopefully, under Triano's system the raptors flourish and do what they need to pull out the win. 

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