Shaq Attack: O'Neal challenges David Beckham on Twitter & YouTube

Ronaldo Assis de Moreira Analyst IIAugust 5, 2009

It’s never nice to see grown men grovel, but man-mountain Shaquille O’Neal has somewhat shrunk to that level by goading David Beckham to appear on his new reality TV show, the aptly named “Shaq vs show.”

Shaq began his taunts on the internet’s most popular gossip-fuelling website, Twitter, in three separate tweets.

Firstly there was, “Dear david beckham, I know u heard about my shaq vs show, anyway u will never score a goal on me, I challenge you lil man.” “The Diesel” followed that up with a second message farting, “David beckham I kno u hear me, dnt be scared, dnt make me call u out, u will never score a goal on me.”

Last but not least, an increasingly frustrated Shaq wrote “Dear david beckham, dnt make me tweet to 2 million people that yur scared of shaq, u betta respnd, if u scared get a dog.”

With Goldenballs refusing to react to the low-brow provocation by Shaq, the Cleveland Cavaliers man has now turned to YouTube to help spread his message further in a two-and-a-half minute rant challenging Beckham to try and stick the ball past the big man.

Shaq’s YouTube video can be seen here.