Jose "Right Back" At Chelsea

Rajesh ChitnisContributor IMay 14, 2008

Well, the Jose i referred to in the headline is Jose Bosingwa who was recently signed from Porto for a fee around 16.2 million pounds.And there has been furore all over the footballing community that this is an outrageous price for a fullback.I agree completely.But when Chelsea and ManU are interested in a player, don't you expect Porto to squeeze out as much as they can. The main argument going around is that Belletti or Ferreira will now be heading out as Chelsea now have 3 RB's (4 if you consider Essien and 5 as Boulahroz is on loan at Sevilla).I have a different way of looking at Bosingwa's signing.It may sound a bit too imaginative but it was the first thought that came to my mind. I feel that Wayne Bridge has asked for a transfer this summer.Although I do not want him 2 go away but I do understand his decision.He is probably the second-best left-back in England after Ashely Cole and does not want to play second fiddle anymore.So his move will generate cash (hopefully atleast 15 million) and will make Bosingwa's move seem not so bad financially ( and after all what do we have Roman for ).Ferreira will act as cover for Ashley Cole in the LB position (for those who don't know, Ferreira plays LB in Portugal team).Bosingwa will be first-choice RB with Belletti as cover.Ben Haim will surely leave.Ivanovic will take his place and along with Alex be support for Terry and Carvalho.Also Ivanovic can play anywhere in the back four.So my point is that Chelsea now have a really flexible and strong back four even if Bridgo goes ( I hope he doesn't )

RB -- Bosingwa,Belletti,Ferreira,Essien,Ivanovic

CB -- Carvalho,Terry,Alex,Ivanovic,

LB -- Cole,Ferreira

And as for the speculation over Bosingwa's signing, one should remember that signing a Jose from Porto has proved unbelievably successful for Chelsea in the past. If this Jose can be even half as influential as the previous ONE , I would say money well spent 

Let me know what u think

Am I being to imaginative

Or is this how things seem to be working out ?