UFC 101: Penn Vs Florian: Who Hyped It Best?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IAugust 4, 2009

It's almost upon us fans.

UFC 101 seems to have arrived rather quickly.

So should we vote on which of the two main event fighters did the best job of hyping the fight up with the fans?

On one side we have the Lightweight Champion BJ Penn who, due to the length of practicing for the GSP fight and now the lay off and time spent preparing for Ken Florian on August the 8th has enjoyed a very long reign of owning the belt.

Ken Florian who is well known as a TV sports commentator and his on screen presence as an MMA expert on the ESPN show is the fighter on the other side of the coin.

Kenny has the distinction of having been dragged into the center of the over done "Grease Gate" controversy which followed BJ's loss to Georges' St. Pierre.

Although everyone and their brother agreed that BJ Penn's loss was unaffected by the small amount of Vaseline applied inadvertently to Georges, BJ dragged Kenny in the midst of the fight and tried to say that Kenny was the one who first suggested that Georges was a cheater and to;d the Penn camp to anticipate greasing.

No one on Georges' team appeared to believe this rumor, as there is no existing evidence of a phone record, letter, or email communication from Ken to BJ to confirm BJ's assertion.

So while BJ has been working hard in a swimming pool to accomplish jumping the vertical 36 inches or so out of the water to perch on the side, making an impressive video of him performing said stunt, Ken has had sessions working with Georges' team to ready himself for the fight.

Fans are divided on their predictions of who will win this one. So far I believe it is pretty evenly divided between the two.

For the first time in a long time, (since I have buried the hatchet with BJ), I don't care if he does pull off a win. I feel in my heart that he is on equal footing with K-Flo who can open up a nasty cut with his elbow as easily as BJ opened up Daddy Joe Stevenson's forehead in their last meeting.

To me the skills each man has are about equal, so I believe it will all come down to their conditioning and who is the most determined to win.

Florian did call BJ the master and said that, "It is time to kill the master."

In spite of this, though, the trash talking hasn't been overdone, yet both men have made their hunger for the title apparent.

Should Ken Flo win, a big difference in the spacing of future fights could occur and more contenders may have a crack at the Lightweight title in a years time than there has been in a long, long time during the Penn reign of terror.

Diego Sanchez is waiting in the wings to take on whoever wins, which means a lot of excitement may be waiting to unfold.

But if BJ retains the title, eight or more months could ensue before Diego gets a chance at the gold.

True, Grandma did swear off buying any UFC PPV's, but now that Grandpa Mel has become a fan, he has already purchased the event, so Grandma will indeed be watching.

What? Do you expect me to stay in the bedroom sulking while Grandpa has all the fun?

Fat chance! Besides, Grandpa may need the assistance of a knowledgeable MMA expert and Grandma does fill that bill to a "T".