Carlos Boozer Is Going To Get Traded To Miami Eventually

The Real BallerContributor IAugust 4, 2009

Yeah see that picture Heat fans well we're going to get used to it because Carlos Boozer will eventually get traded to the Miami Heat. Udonis Haslem is the team captain and is very loyal to the Heat, but his stats just stay the same and i do not think that he will ever be much more than a loyal wingman to any NBA team. Utah won't ask for much just Haslem and Dorell Wright considering that they are paying Paul Millsap about 8 million next season for just coming off the bench, of course he is going to start and they are going to get rid of Boozer.

This deal will work out perfectly for both teams because Boozer will give Miami another scoring option besides Dwyane Wade and Michael Beasley and he will be an instant double-double machine. For Utah this will work out great because then you will have a leader to help develop Paul Millsap into an all-star and Dorell Wright will help score around the perimeter, if he gets playing time. This trade will also help benefit Deron Williams in a huge way because he will have his career year and carry his teams load on his back will still being an elite point guard. I know Utah will be losing a true basketball power forward but with Millsap developing there is just no room for the 2 of them and Millsap's the one with the new deal so why would they let him go? Just be patient heat fans because that is how Pat Riley is we are going to get a big contributor for our team that is most likely going to lead us to a championship.