Logo Blog #7: Barcelona Dragons (NFL Europa)

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor IAugust 4, 2009

I'm back with another logo blog, and this time I'm talking about the logo of the Barcelona Dragons of the now defunct NFL Europa. The Dragons, were one of the few teams to survive the change from the World League of American Football to NFL Europe (soon to be NFL Europa) in 1998 and were one of the great teams in the league that had such players as Jon Kitna, Lawrence Phillips who we all know is one of the most stand up citizens the world has ever seen and Arena Football League QB Tony Graziani. The Dragons may have folded in 2003 but their logo remains one of the most disturbing out their. First of all why does this Dragon have a spike for a tounge? If this dragon bit his tounge the rest of his mouth would be crying for some Advil for the next 2 weeks (but to me more historically accurate with Dragons and the time that people in stories said that they lived in, the Dragon would need some Ye old Advil). The Dragon in this logo, also appears to have a perm, a perm?! Are you kidding me? How could you strike fear into an opponent when your logo has a nice hairdo?! This logo is just a plain mess (as are all the others I blog about but thats a story for another time) The red lips of the dragon are supposed to show what? The dragon was getting ready for a hot date? This logo is so odd and disturbing that it does not need to be broken down anymore by me but I will bring it to the Avry Scale, Surprise! (Don't you love a surprise?)

14.8/10 For most likely needing Advil when the Dragon bites his or her (remeber the red lipstick lips?) tounge that is a spike.

10/10 For having a great perm.