Daily dump: Georgia on our minds

Matt TarrContributor IAugust 4, 2009

So Tiger Woods apparently farted Sunday and Plaxico Burress indicted" href="http://mysportsrumors.com/blog/2009/08/03/grand-jury-rules-on-plaxico-burress/" target="_blank">Plaxico Burress got indicted Monday. Whoopity-freakin-doo. If you ask us, the big news in the sports blogosphere Monday was the explosion in coverage of Matthew Stafford’s smokin’ hot girlfriend/University of Georgia cheerleader Kelly Hall. The Big Lead had it, Busted Coverage had it. A lot of the talk seemed to center around whether she had some work done on her front chassis, to which we offer a hearty we-don’t-give-a-frog’s-fat-ass. Seriously, when you’ve got a body like that, why ask why? In our estimation, Miss Hall has the best boob job we’ve seen since, well, Tim Tebow’s special gal pal.

Tammy Hall and some guy

Tammy Hall and some guy

Which brings us to our real point. Frankly, we’ve had it with these SEC quarterbacks, the friggin’ show-offs. You’ve got restaurant-quality bimbos throwing themselves at Tim Tebow, and he’s saving himself for marriage. Matt Stafford hasn’t thrown a pass in an NFL game, yet he’s already scoring Hall of Fame-quality hoochies. Hell, even the average ones pull down A-level talent (*cough*Kelli Croyle*hack*)

The Southeastern Conference is out of control. It’s taken over college football, and their quarterbacks are giving us an inferiority complex. Bastards. Now on with today’s festival o’ linkage …

- Chad Johnson continues to earn the title of biggest dipshit on Twitter, which is a pretty significant accomplishment these days. In Monday’s rendition, he first tells The Nation of Ochostinko to “pray” for Plaxico, and then somehow gets into a pissing contest with ESPN’s Mark Schlereth. Pro Football Talk brings us the blow-by-blow description of this Battle of the Intellectual Titans.

- Roger Mayweather arrested on strangulation charges, and a bizarre, terrible year in the boxing world suddenly gets even more strange. (Black Sports Online)

- Fedor Emelianenko signs with Strikeforce, and Dana White does his best Vince McMahon imitation (again). (Sherdog)

- Another week, another cranky old columnist going out of his way to make sure no one under the age of 60 picks up a newspaper. This week’s entry – Phil Mushnick and the X Games. (New York Post)

- Which annoying fantasy draft personality are you? (Fantasy Football Forecast)

- And finally … turn the lights down low, put on “The Way We Were” by Streisand, and take a trip down memory lane with every man’s favorite doubles team of the 1990s – Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis. (Big League Screw)