Obama's New "Cash for NFL Team Clunkers" Program Boosts Ticket Sales

Don ZakCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2009

President Barack Obama, at the urging of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, is devising a plan to aid NFL owners from slumping revenue and season ticket renewals this season. 
A similar plan designed by Congress to boost auto sales for domestic car companies will now apply to the NFL as one of the few remaining domestic industries left in America.
Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder came up with the brilliant idea after thousands of Redskins fans didn’t renew their $6,500 club level season tickets. Owners around the league are rushing to be included in this program as the tough economic times pinch consumer spending.
The program will subsidize the price of tickets for ten home games up to $3,000 per seat. However, a few restrictions apply.

Playoff teams in 2008 season are excluded.  Sorry Pittsburgh fans, you will be paying full price for 2009.    
Teams that had winning records but did not qualify for the playoffs receive $2,000 with incremental increases for teams with below .500 records. Detroit Lions tickets will be given away for free. 
In order to increase revenue for team owners, season ticket holders must upgrade their seats in order to qualify.

Response from the franchises is mixed so far. Cleveland, Miami, Oakland and Green Bay all reported increases while only a handful of Lions fans accepted free tickets.
President Obama also urged fans who are unable to attend games to continue watching NFL games to support the league's television advertising revenue. 

“Without watching hundreds of commercials for Bud Light, Buick, and Viagra each game,” Obama remarked at a recent White House backyard BBQ,“major NFL sponsorships are threatened—which will dramatically increase season ticket prices for future generations of Americans.”