Toronto Blue Jays on a Winning Streak: This Calls for a Celebration

Ian HunterCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2009

ST. LOUIS, MO - JULY 14:  American League All-Stars Roy Halladay and Aaron Hill of the Toronto Blue Jays look on before the 2009 MLB All-Star Game at Busch Stadium on July 14, 2009 in St Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

I'd say that the Blue Jays stringing together two consecutive wins calls for a celebration. Sociable!

Starting off the month of August with two straight wins is a great way to help forget how abysmal July was for the Blue Jays. An 8-16 record with nine one-run losses wrapped up what was far and above the worst month of the season for the team.

Now with just two months left to go, the Jays are in the home stretch of the 2009 campaign and the immediate goal for them is to break even with a .500 record.

Another great sign of things to come is the anticipation of Shaun Marcum to return to the starting rotation.

Although the rookies have done a great job at holding down the fort this season, the Blue Jays need some experienced pitchers like Marcum and Roy Halladay to establish some sort of normality and dependability to what has seemed like a revolving door of starting pitchers.

The prospect of having Travis Snider back in a Blue Jays uniform is another boost to the team that the Blue Jays are really looking forward to. His Pacific Coast League Player of the Week award should send off alarms that it's time to send him up from Las Vegas.

In his last 10 games with the Las Vegas 51's, Snider has collected 16 RBI's to go along with fpur home runs.

So even though they might have a 51-54 record right now, there is still a lot to look forward to with the Blue Jays in the final two months of the season. And if all else fails, there's always alcohol. Sociable!