My Exclusive B/R Interview With Dallas Cowboys' Receiver Kevin Ogletree

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIAugust 4, 2009

As I have continued to reach out to NFL players during this very busy and eventful off-season, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to speak with Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver, Kevin Ogletree.

If you are a fan of Virginia Cavaliers football, you know Kevin as the two-time honorable mention All-ACC wide receiver.

Following an impressive third year of college football, Kevin declared himself eligible for the NFL Draft.

While he wasn't taken on draft-day, the Cowboys were quick to sign the former Virginia standout.

Without further adieu, this is what Kevin Ogletree had to say. 

RM: How does it feel to be a player in the NFL and more importantly, a receiver for the Dallas Cowboys?

KO: It’s a little bit overwhelming at times but it keeps me excited.

Playing for the Cowboys is big. It gives you a lot to look forward to everyday of practice going out having that star on your helmet.

RM: You decided to forgo a fourth season of football at Virginia and declare for the NFL draft early. What was it that motivated you to make that decision and was that difficult?

KO: The situation was real unique coming out of school early.

With my quarterback situation at school and having my degree which made me real comfortable.

So it was really a combination of things.

RM: Being a wide receiver, are there any current receivers in the NFL whom you admire and hope to model yourself after?

KO: There are some guy’s games that I think are really polished.

I know that there is a bunch of guys but one of them is Chad Johnson.

He’s not the biggest receiver but he's good with running routes and getting open, he does it as well as anyone.

I guess that is someone that if you had to model your game after I would say his because of what he can do with his size, speed, and ability.


RM: Can you explain to us what it is like being in the heat of Cowboys training camp right now?

KO: It is just being out here every day. One or two a days but it really means a lot to just to stay focused and stay on top of your playbook and your game.

RM: What role do you expect to play with the Cowboys, meaning, do you have a preference for catching passes or perhaps doing some special teams work?

KO: “The more you can do.” That’s the saying I’ve heard a lot. The more you can do, the more valuable you are and the more likely they will keep you around.


RM: What kind of experience has it been to work with Tony Romo and what do you think of him personally so far?

KO: It has been great.

Just playing with a well-developed quarterback like him and just knowing how good he is.

He brings it every day in practice.

I’m a rookie on the team so he doesn’t see much of me but if I do something wrong or do something right, he’ll tell you and try to help you out just like a good veteran quarterback would do.


RM: What are your current goals and aspirations and how do you seek to achieve them?

KO: I want to first of all, make this team, start making plays and be a valuable player in the NFL.

I have dreams and I know I have some talent too so I’m trying to put this hard work and effort into it and see what happens.


RM: Absolutely Kevin and I really appreciate you taking the time to this.

KO: Sure, thank you.

And so brought a close to my interview with Kevin Ogletree. 

I would like to personally thank Kevin for taking the time to do this interview with me.

From what I've read so far, it seems people are impressed with his work in training camp.

After having had the chance to speak to him directly, I wish him nothing but the best with his career.

I will be certain to keep an eye out for him during the preseason and with any luck, we will be hearing a lot more about Kevin Ogletree in the months to come.


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