A Message To The Armchair Fighters: What Goes Around Comes Back Around

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst IAugust 4, 2009

There has been nothing but negativity in the recent week toward Fedor Emelianenko. So much so that it's hard to go into detail but the blind hatred could be equal to that toward a convicted murderer of a loved one.

So many articles and blogs have surfaced, more than likely causing carpal tunnel syndrome in the majority of the authors. It's such a hot topic; it has the blood over flowing from the pot, leaving a charred mess.

A mess that will be cleaned up and forgotten once the next big story floats by.

"As life goes," my conscious always proclaims.

It's not so easy to deal with. A fan shows support for Fedor signing with Strikeforce and they are swarmed on like a toddler covered in pork chops inside the lion exhibit.

One will point out that Fedor has never backed down from any opponent and they are defecated on like the streets during a parade.

Try and say that Fedor did what's best in his own mind and people convince you that you should kill yourself.

Of course these are all just metaphors and similes for the situation at hand, but it's clear to say that some "fans" are being a little bit excessive. 

The next time one of these "fans" are doing something that they believe is the right thing to do, well, let's just say what goes around comes around. So stop being so nasty and support both organizations, because let's face it, a little bit of competition is always healthy.