Cottage Industry: December 30

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Cottage Industry: December 30
Because "Better late than never" ain't even the half of it...
Say hey there Bleacher Bums hope nobody missed me on Friday. (Quoth Harry Doyle: "And judging by the attendance...") Things are still running on overload around the ol' Cottage, so you'll forgive me for staying on the short track and dropping another week-end haiku on you. Speaking of which: I'm kinda maybe starting to get a taste for this Eastern thing, so unless I hear any objections, the Industry just might become the Dojo in 2007...
As 2006 breathes it's dying breath, note well the wise words of the Sage:
Should old acquaintance be forgot...Mike Tyson will never be far from a correctional institution.
Saddam hangs: Chaos.
The Iron One gets busted:
Order is restored.
Happy New Year, boy and girls. And remember: If you're going to snort and drive, it's best to avoid crashing your car into any police vehicles...

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