Cottage Industry: December 30

Joe CottageContributor IDecember 30, 2006
Because "Better late than never" ain't even the half of it...
Say hey there Bleacher Bums hope nobody missed me on Friday. (Quoth Harry Doyle: "And judging by the attendance...") Things are still running on overload around the ol' Cottage, so you'll forgive me for staying on the short track and dropping another week-end haiku on you. Speaking of which: I'm kinda maybe starting to get a taste for this Eastern thing, so unless I hear any objections, the Industry just might become the Dojo in 2007...
As 2006 breathes it's dying breath, note well the wise words of the Sage:
Should old acquaintance be forgot...Mike Tyson will never be far from a correctional institution.
Saddam hangs: Chaos.
The Iron One gets busted:
Order is restored.
Happy New Year, boy and girls. And remember: If you're going to snort and drive, it's best to avoid crashing your car into any police vehicles...