Jeremy Maclin: What's The Deal Dude?

Jack DunleavyCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 1: First round draft pick wide receiver Jeremy Maclin #18 of the Philadelphia Eagles practices during minicamp at the NovaCare Complex on May 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

Lots of people like you Jeremy. What's up?

    Many reports have said that Jeremy Maclin would be signed and ready to go for Eagle's Flight Night last night, but no deal has been reached. Maclin has missed seven days of training camp and missed his chance to show his stuff last night at Flight Night, the Eagle's inagural fund-raising practice at the Link. Both sides, meaning Maclin's agent and the Eagles, claim that this is only a mere formality, but many fans believe it is starting to look like a holdout. An Eagles source claims that there was no progress in talks, and Maclin's agent said talk's continue but there is still no conclusion.

    Maclin's agent claims that completeing this deal has been tough, and Maclin has been doing well. Andy Reid has been very outgoing with his feeling over the Maclin situation. He says that by holding out on this deal, he will have a long climb up the depth chart when he gets here. Special-Teams coach Ted Daisher has been deeply affected by this because he had so many plans for Maclin and he wanted him to be a big part of the return game this coming season. He said when he gets here, they'll coach him up. He also claims the others have been doing well during training camp.

    If you ask me, I think Jeremy Maclin is tarnishing his look here in Philadelphia. Maybe it isn't him. Maybe it is his agent, but that doesn't really matter. Whoever it is, they are ruining Maclin's look. Bird's fans were so excited to pick up this great draft pick, and now he isn't signing. What's up with that?! He needs to sign fast before his look gets anymore tarnished. Please feel free to comment.