Renault Sack Ends Nelson Piquet Junior's Formula One Career

Billy Sexton@@billysextonAnalyst IAugust 3, 2009

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - JUNE 06:  Nelson Piquet of Brazil and Renault is seen in the paddock following qualifying for the Turkish Formula One Grand Prix at Istanbul Park on June 6, 2009, in Istanbul, Turkey.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Nelson Piquet has been told by Renault that he will not race for them again this season. The news comes after a string of poor results and Piquet failing to score any points this season.

Piquet released a statement on his own website slamming team boss Flavio Briatore, claiming he had been treated unfairly.

"I always believed that having a manager was being a part of a team and having a partner.

"A manager is supposed to encourage you, support you, and provide you with opportunities. In my case it was the opposite—Flavio Briatore was my executioner."

"I am a team player and there are dozens of people I have worked with in my career who would vouch for my character and talent, except unfortunately the person that has had the most influence on my career in F1."

Piquet also reported details of being threatened by his Renault team.

"On numerous occasions, 15 minutes before qualifying and races, my manager and team boss would threaten me, telling me if I didn't get a good result, he had another driver ready to put in my place."

Piquet intends to stay in motorsport but is unsure of his future in Formula One.

Renault have not announced a replacement yet, but it is expected to be either Roman Grosjean or Lucas Di Grassi.