Dolph Ziggler: Is He The Future?

Black SnowContributor IAugust 3, 2009

Dolph Ziggler has shown the wrestling world a lot in recent months.

He has been elevated from Nicky of the Spirit Squad to a level on par with some of the top names in the sport. I feel that he may be a key player in bringing in some new fans and to keep the current fans interested.

I am a lifelong wrestling fan. I have always watched and observed the sport. I feel that Dolph could be the future.

One reason for that is I get excited when he has a match. I have not been excited for a single superstar since I was very, very young.

It does not matter who he is wrestling. He could wrestle the likes of Khali, Morrison, or Batista and put on a good match.

Not only is he a great wrestler but he is also a great actor. Maybe it is the storylines, maybe his swagger, but I believe that he is a perfect heel. He has the arrogance, the look, the ability to talk, the girl (Maria), and the skills to back all of those traits up.

The future? I hope so.

Who wouldnt want to see Ziggler put in a feud with another promising young athlete such as John Morrison in the near future for a major title?

I know that the future is bright for the WWE. But they have to move on from years past and let younger guys rule the ring.