The Padres Should Just Trade Adrian

A. Version 2.0Analyst IIAugust 3, 2009

I really can't understand it they have no farm system, no great arms, no awesome hitters except for Adrian Gonzalez. So why don't the Padres just Adrian, the Padres willn't be in contention for at the least the next 4 years, and by then Adrian will have become a free agent already. They have nothing of value in that ball club except for Adrian, Heath Bell and to some extent Kevin Kouzemanoff, just think of all the great prospects you could get if you dealt Adrian.

Just take the Atlanta Brves for instance, I think that that would be a perfect fit for Gonzalez. LaRoche willn't be in Atlanta for the long term and he could slide right into that lineup, and just think what you could get back for him. Maybe you could grab a future ace in Tommy Hanson from the Braves throw in Yunel Escobar, minor leaguers Gorky Gonzalez and  Jo-Jo Reyes. You got yourself a deal, the point is why are you keeping a guy that obviously won't take you any where because the rest of your team stinks.

Right now Adrian's value is high because of the contact he is under, he is in his prime and he plays a great first base. All I know is because of what was happening on the trade deadline you know there are teams interested and with all those things about Adrian the Padres have leverage and any team that is interested in Adrian with all those things coming into play the Padres can get back major talent .