My Top Must See Games Of 2009

Cedrick MorrisonCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2009

AUSTIN, TX - NOVEMBER 27:  A Texas Longhorn fan cheers on her team against the Texas A&M Aggies while holding a reminder of the Texas score against Oklahoma earlier in the season at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium November 27, 2008 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Top 5 Big 12 Non-Conf. Games

1. Oklahoma st. vs. Georgia - For a couple of reasons. To start with, Oklahoma st. is predicted to be a top 3 big 12 team and behind Florida and Ole Miss, the SEC is pretty much a tossup and Georgia, LSU, and Bama could all be potential BCS caliber teams come January. Most who follow college football hold the same belief that the SEC and BIG 12 are the top 2 conf. in the nation, and it's always nice to see a top SEC and BIG 12 team go at it. (Certainly better than anything the NFL can produce) 2nd, I'm intrigued by both of these teams. How good is Oklahoma state really? Can they push OU and Texas in the south? How tough are they..can they push around a physical team in the SEC? How about Georgia? Yes they lose Stafford and Moreno but Cox a Sr. is more than capable as a starter and Georgia always has good Rb's they should be just fine in that dept. They return their entire OL and have one of the best receivers in the country..especially with a suspect Okie st. secondary. Speaking of receivers how nice would it be to see A.J. Green and Dez Bryant go at it? As much as I would love to say that the pokes will blowout the dogs at home, there are a couple of things that pose potential problems for gundy&co. 1) Georgia will not (BY ANY MEANS) be scared of Okie st. they are use to playing tough road games in the SEC and will most likely be salivating at the mouth to play a highly touted team from the big 12.(in SEC land, there is this conception fair or not that big 12 teams are soft and don't play tough SEC type defense) 2) I believe Okie st. will score but so will Georgia. Georgia will be able to move the ball with all 5 returning OL and A.J. Green stretching the defense. At the end of the day, I think the pokes win but much closer than the experts think. 34-31

2. Oklahoma @ "THE U" - I'm kind of reaching with this one, I really don't expect Miami to give OU many fits..just kind of hoping they do. They do return Jacorry Harris and Graig Cooper, a nice QB and RB tandem on the rise but OU will have one of the toughest defenses in the nation this year, I don't think Miami will be able to move the ball all that much. OUs discrepancies on OL will most likely not be an issue as Miami doesn't return a starter on the DL and the secondary struggled to make plays last year. I think the U just off optimism could keep the game respectable early, but OU will break away in the 2nd half. Again I'm not hoping this case, just trying my best to be a realist.

3. Colorado @ WV - I predicted Colorado to win the big 12 north, if this is so they will need to be oozing with confidence coming into big 12 play and a big win in Morgantown could go a long way for the buffs swag.

4. Nebraska @ Va Tech - Nebraska is looking to turn the corner under Bo Pellini. They have reason to be optimistic coming into the season but I think Va Tech is to formidable a non conf. opponent for them to go on the road and beat, however I will be rooting for them to do just that. I just feel with as much as VA tech has coming back and with the expectations surrounding the team as the ACC favs. I don't see Nebraska coming out of Virginia with a win.

5. Baylor @ Wake Forest - Baylor is my surprise team of the big 12. I think they will win 9 games this year and 5 in conf. Robert Griffin is a stud, flat out superstar in the making in Waco. If given the choice between him and T.Pryor I'd take Griffin in a heartbeat, this may be a shock to some but Griffin possesses a much more accurate throwing arm than Pryor and although not as big is much more elusive on the ground.

IF you want 2 compare the 2 statistically

100 165 1311 60.6 12 4 146.5

160 267 2091 59.9 15 3 142.0

Griffin threw the ball over 100 times more and had basically the same comp. %, It can also be argued that Pryor has much more around him and a much better D than griffin, making griffins stats all the more impressive. Moving on, I can't wait to see what else Griffin has added to his arsenal in their 1st game of the season @ what will be a weak wake forest team this year.

Top 5 non Big 12 non-conference games

1. Ohio st. vs. USC - which is ironic b/c I hate both these teams. I see a pretty high scoring game. Both defenses will have inexperienced players at multiple positions, and in a game this early..the offenses should be able to score points. Call me crazy, I'm the biggest Ohio st. hater out there, I hate the overconfidence of their fans as every year the media overhypes them into a team for the rest of the nation to fear..yawn. I'm going to go against the grain on this one, I think Ohio st. gets the job done. HOLY BUCKEYE! Terelle Pryor gets his name in the Heisman race and we have to hear from the loud mouth Ohio st. fans and overly obsessive media go on and on about how they finally broke through and we will NEVER be able to get the buckeye nation to shut up.

2. USC vs. ND - This is always a fun game to watch no matter what the score because it's a win win situation. ND will lose or USC will lose, either way I win. Think ND will be better this year and actually could compete in this game but it won't nearly be enough to win.

3. Bama vs. Va Tech - For an ego the size of the SEC, wouldn't it be something if Okie st beat Georgia and Va Tech took down Bama...maybe then we could slow down all this SEC supremacy talk. Va Tech will be riding high coming into the season as they return 17 starters. I think VA Tech could potentially finish the season with no more than 2 losses and led by an improved Tyrod Taylor will beat Bama in Atlanta this year. DOWN GOES FRAZIER! DOWN GOES FRAZIER! that's 2 black eyes for the SEC in pre-season games..hmm interesting

4. Oregon vs. Utah - I think Oregon will be a top 3 pac 10 team and a fun team to watch all year, THe Ute's will be in the national spotlight for the 1st time since that eye popping win over the crimson tide in the sugar bowl. Utah will have to replace Brian Johnson and his top 3 targets from last year so I wouldn't expect Utah to have quite the same punch as last year, however Utah does reload considerably well for a mountain west program.

5. Clemson vs. TCU - Clemson has to play @ Georgia Tech and vs. BC in the weeks precluding to the TCU game at home. Following TCU, they have to go back on the road to college park and play Maryland. This can be very dangerous for the Tigers if they are not fully focused on TCU. TCU like Utah is always a threat to crash the BCS party and had one of the nastiest defenses in the entire nation last year. While a good portion of the DL does move on they return stud DE Jerry Hughes who led the nation in sacks and forced 7 fumbles in 08. Expect TCU to turn some heads nationally and be in the game well into the fourth quarter. I think C.J. Spiller will prove to be 2 much in the long run and Clemson wins in a low scoring game.

Top 5 SEC games

1. Florida @ LSU - Look for a Florida team led by Tebow to make a strong case for the Heisman in a complete game vs. the Bengals. Florida wins in baton rouge

2. LSU @ Ole Miss - Many people think Ole Miss is the favorite in the SEC west. Maybe so but LSU will have plenty to say about that. Of course I will be rooting for Ole Miss all season as long as ex-horn Jevan Snead is calling the shots. ORANGEBLOODS STILL LOVE YOU JEVAN! Come back to Austin anytime. Drinks on us.

3. LSU @ Bama - Last year these 2 teams played in one of the best games of the season and it could be more of the same this year. Bama will most likely take a step back this season but will still be tough as nails to beat in Tuscaloosa.

4. Florida vs. Georgia - I think Georgia will be a surprise team in the SEC. Anytime you get your tail whipped by a rival, the next season the team should be fired up and ready to go. I think Georgia will have enough talent to compete with Florida and in a rivalry game..who knows what can happen?

5. Tennessee @ Florida - haha wow. who needs family guy or george lopez when you can watch this game. Lane Kiffin..welcome to the SEC. This one could get ugly folks. Hey I got nutin but love for the other "UT" but as they say.... SHOULDNTA BEEN TALKIN SH!!!T.

Top 5 big 12 games (non Texas)

1. OU vs. OSU - I think both teams will be coming in with one loss and a bcs bowl bid on the line. At the end of the day, not enough defense for okie st. to contend with the balanced sooner attack. OU goes back to the BCS (let's see if they can actually win one this year)

2. OSU @ Baylor - I actually have OSU winning this game, but not by much and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Baylor comes out on top with Texas slated to be in Stillwater the following week.

3. OU @ KU - this could definitely be a trap game for OU. One week after losing to Texas in Dallas, they have to go on the road to play a very talented KU squad (at least on offense). If OU's heads not in the game they could get behind early, and when a team like KU gets it's confidence going..look out!

4. OU @ Nebraska - If Nebraska is ever to return to prominence their going to have to win ball games like this. This use to be one of the best rivalries in all of sports and I think Nebraska potentially could give OU all they could ask for in Lincoln.

5. Baylor vs Nebraska - I may be wrong on this, but Baylor most likely has NEVER beaten Nebraska. That all ends this year, I think the Bears have themselves some Corn in Waco on the 31st of Oct.

Top 5 miscellaneous conf. games

1. USC @ Cal - Will this be the year for the Bears? I'm going to say yes, like Cal to challenge USC for the overall Pac 10 thrown as well.

2. USC @ Oregon - No way USC could lose to Cal and Oregon in the same season could they? hmmm..

3. Ohio st. @ Penn st. - Just cause it's the only interesting big 10 game all season. Not 2 say that there aren’t some good games in the big 10..just none that actually matter. (less Iowa can upset one of the big boys again)

4. TCU vs. Utah - Mountain west title and possible BCS birth likely to be on the line

5. Miami @ FSU - always fun even with the 2 programs being down from what they were in the earlier part of the decade. Still plenty of bragging rights to go around and a win in the ACC.

Top 5 Texas Games

1.    Texas vs. OU – Bragging rights, Heisman races, National and conference title implications, Dallas, Corndogs, doesn’t get much better than this


2.    Texas @ OSU – OSU will be looking to do big things this year and has come close to beating Texas in recent seasons, will this be the year they finally brake through?


3.    Texas vs. Texas Tech – Normally I don’t take games personal (besides OU of course), but this one is. Anything less than a 40 point thumping will be unacceptable to orangebloods.


4.    Texas @ Baylor – Baylor will turn a lot of heads this year. If Texas isn’t prepared when they travel to Waco, they could very well be in a dog fight all night long.


5.    Texas @ Texas A&M – Shouldn’t be too hard to go into College Station and win, but the Aggies would love nothing more than to derail any conf. or national title hopes we might have when we step on to Kyle Field.