Zahi's Notes: From a Great Footballer to a Great Man

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Zahi's Notes: From a Great Footballer to a Great Man

Dear Diary,

In my short journey in this life, I've found a million reasons and more that makes a crowd feel that a certain person is particularly great.

He who is a good citizen is forever a great man; he who is proud of what he has been given and appreciative of his own "gifts of nature" has an unyielding art.

He who enjoys competition and yet continues to work hard in search of a victory only through a fair game is a great man, an artist in human morality.

He who is raised to appreciate morality, stand facing the hardships of life with iron will and great determination is closest to the eternal splendor of God.

That is the same man who is helpful and lives to welcome a smile and smile back in search of a happiness beyond the reach of most mortals. This man is as close to perfection as possible for a human.

In football, this good man takes his goodness as a citizen and a human to the pitch.

Surely talent is required, but greatness is a far-fetched dream for a man with impressive dribbling and low morals.

I have never heard that the likes of Andrea Pirlo, Ryan Giggs, Paolo Maldini, Frank Lampard, or Xavi ever got addicted to a certain drug or had a fight with a bouncer outside a nightclub.

Such is the professionalism of a great footballer turned into a great man.

The great footballer dribbles well, passes with accuracy and finds the back of the net at most times after taking a shot, but a great man does more than just that.

A great man tackles in search of the ball, not the opponents leg. No matter how his self-crafted rage demands his body to go even beyond the limits of professionalism, a great man would keep humanity first.

A great man would help up an injured player, never point to a crowd with immoral signs and never leave his beloved club for a little bit of extra cash.

That is because he searches for the pleasure of having a good job and living well, without demanding sky-high wages. He seeks a life of having sufficient resources and does not solely aim for the temporary Hollywood spotlight.

Such is the image of a great man. If we happen to be lucky enough to watch a great footballer play, then we are lucky. But if we view a great footballer and a great man, then double the luck.

For, my dear diary, I believe that success lies in both having a great career and for being a great man, but eternal satisfaction only lies in the hearts of great men.

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