What If the NFL Had the Patriots' Super Bowl Tapes?

john dmytruk@@jaredthecat1Correspondent IMay 13, 2008

Matt Walsh gave the tapes to the NFL and they claimed they found nothing new.

The man who said that he had damaging evidence against the Patriots, delivered the tapes that we hoped would avenge that Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. We had our hopes up that the evil one, Bill Belichick, would be brought to shame, only to have our expectations squashed.

The NFL found nothing new from the tapes. Walsh's lawyer says that he never mentioned anything about Patriots versus Ram Super Bowl.

Let me sum it up by saying that Walsh had nothing.

But ask oneself, what if the NFL did have the evidence of cheating during that Superbowl? I want to explore that possibility by asking the following question:

What if Walsh did turnover the Super Bowl tape and the NFL exposed that tape to the public?

A lot of gambling occurs during the Super Bowl. People loose a lot of money and maybe their homes. They go into serious debt. We can go even further down that road. Drunken and angry husbands beat their wives or kill them, and about neither do I joke.

All of this brings retaliation against Bill and possibly the NFL, so then the NFL does the honorable thing: they hide or destroy the tapes.

I not a conspiracy theorist. I know that the Rams never showed up for the game.