Brett Favre Is Old Move On!

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Brett Favre Is Old Move On!
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Last summer, Brett Favre was the big story. Was he going to come back, or simply fade away into retirement? Well we all got the answer when he signed with the New York Jets and had a mediocre season.

This summer, ladies and gentlemen, Brett Favre said he was retiring again, and that this time it was going to be for good.

So why is he still making the headlines? He old news.

Many sports fans nation wide will not hesitate to call Brett a drama queen or other words that have similar meaning. I have news for all of those people, some of whom I am certain are reading this right now.

If he is looking for drama then all of you are feeding his fire.

He could very easily just fade away but everybody insists on writing about him and saying things that are complete bogus, so of course he is going to cover is back or give you the true story.

There are far better, more recent things going on in sports these days other than Brett Favre. If the media would try leaving him alone instead of constantly badgering him, "hey Brett, what do you think about coming back next year? Team so-and-so needs a new quarterback, have you talked to them?"

All those questions, and endless badgering, of course he is going to have second thoughts. The part of the game he will miss is the media actually talking to him about something positive, like what went well at practice or how did you know that receiver was open out there?

Even if it is not positive, they would be talking to him about the game of football; about the sport he loves. Not whether he would like to play here or there so the media has a chew toy all summer long.

Write about Michael Phelps, Ben Roethlisberger, or Rodger Federer. Tiger Woods has been on a hot streak, why don't you go after him? The NHL just started probes into all of these long-term contracts; that is more interesting then Brett favre is.

Just let him fade away. He has had a career unlike many others. His numbers are nothing short of amazing, and I am certain his name will appear in a few years when it is time to put someone else into the hall of fame.

He is last summer's headline. If he wants to come back he will, with or without the media badgering him and trying to read his mind.

Get over him America.

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