What Would Your Ideal Wrestling Promotion Be Like?

Scott BeebySenior Analyst IAugust 2, 2009

If you were a financial backer of a new upstart wrestling promotion, and you had the majority of the voting power backstage in this company, what would you envision it to turn out like?

Your goal is to rival Ring Of Honor and try to push your way into being outright the third biggest wrestling promotion in the world behind TNA and WWE.

The first thing to consider is who would be the face of your promotion? WWE has Vince McMahon as the most prominent figure in the company, just like TNA has Jeff Jarrett. Who would you choose?

The next thing to consider is which superstars you would have in your promotion. Pick your top five wrestlers that you'd try to poach first from any wrestling promotion in the world.

Other things that you need to think about are the name of the promotion and it's base of operations.

Also, let your imagination run wild. What innovative ideas can you come up with that would make your promotion different to anything else out there?

I've included a form that you can copy and paste into your comment for your convenience. Be creative with your selections, but most importantly HAVE FUN!


A) The figure head of my promotion would be:

B) The first five wrestlers that I would try to poach from other promotions would be:






C) The base of operations for my promotion would be located at:

D) The name of my company would be:

E) The thing(s) that separates my promotion from others is: