Saints' D Shows Up At Camp

Keith BrantleyCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2009

The Saints' camp is off to a great start. 

New Orleans has had one of the most prolific offenses in the league for several years. 

Analyst and fans alike have lamented for years; "If only the defense was in the middle of the league or better, the Saints would be a contender".

The last time the team had a truly respected unit on that side of the ball was when they had the "Dome Patrol" at linebacker. This was a group initially assembled in 1987, and staying together through 1992. 

That year, all four were rewarded with a simultaneous trip to the Pro Bowl.

New Orleans defense has been the Achilles heel for many years. We have all heard the cliché: "Defense wins championships..."

This year Sean Payton felt comfortable enough with the O side and decided to completely change the face of the D.  He brought in Gregg Williams and it appears to be paying off already.

The line coming out after one day of camp was "Defense wins the day."

Speaking from the heart, it is about time. 

Now after two days in the books, the O has started to gain some of the momentum back.  Everyone would’ve been shocked if they didn't.

They had several skirmishes between the offense and the defense that needed to be broken up.  Under the old system, it was as if the "D" had a lack of passion. 

The players appear to enjoy the competition and the new system. 

The first round pick, Malcolm Jenkins, should be signed and in camp soon.  The players drafted above and below him have signed, and now the sides have a bracket to work with. 

Reggie Bush sat out of the evening practice today resting a knee, but is expected to suit up for Sunday's practice.

WR Adrian Arrington was out with hamstring issues, although he did the walk through with the first unit.

DT Kendrick Clancy was also out due to back spasms.

Saints' fans were lined up at six this morning waiting for a spot at the open practice.  The Saints have always had passionate and dedicated fans. 

Maybe this will be the year to finally field a more respectable defense to match up with the scintillating offense.  We can dream can't we?