What Will Happen To The Unibrow That Is Quincy Douby?

Brad NortonCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2009

Ok, so we now have Jarrett Jack, Demar Derozan, Marco Bellinelli, Antoine Wright, and Quincy Douby who can all play at SG.

That's five guys who can play the two. Let's go through what their mindsets are right now regarding how many minutes they will get and if they'll be happy.

DeMar Derozan- He's a rookie and right now all he is thinking about is cruising in his new cadillac escalade and picking up some babes to see if he and his buddies can get lucky. He doesn't really care how many minutes he gets he just wants to play basketball and show people how he can help the team and what he can do.

He also knows that Bryan Colangelo and Jay Triano think highly of him and will give him  significant minutes on the court. He also knows the raptors don't have a back up SF and knows he can play that position.

Jarrett Jack- Happy to be reunited with his college rommate and friend Chris Bosh and will play wherever the hell the Raptors want him to play. He knows he is more comfortable at PG and knows he will be primarily used to fill in for Jose Calderon when he needs to rest.

Marco Bellinelli- Happy that he gets to play with his friend and national -team-mate Andrea Bargnani. He knows that he is someone who has been coveted by Bryan Colangelo since coming into the league and like Derozan Jay Triano and Bryan Colangelo think highly of him and will ensure he remains happy with the minutes he plays.

He also knows he can play some PG where he may recieve minutes and SF where he may recieve minutes. He also knows people have told Bryan and Jay that he can play solid defence something the Raptors lack. 

Antoine Wright- He knows that his former coach Rick Carlisle has told Bryan Colangelo and Jay Triano good things about him and that he was probably the best defender on the Dallas squad. He knows the Raptors are a soft team and lack defense. Which should now ensure him getting solid minutes.

He will most likely be the primary back up to Hedo Turkoglu for possibly the entire season unless Derozan or Bellinelli prove something different.

Quincy Douby- He knew his job was in danger. So, he does what he can to try to ensure he keeps that job for at least another year. So, he sets the Summer League on fire only to find out in the weeks to come that he has been moved down to a fifth string SG.

He could possibly be moved up to 3rd string SG or PG, but, that is seeming unlikely. If he was looking to find significant minutes on the Raptors squad and "re-birth" himself as an NBAer he may be out of luck.

Then again, he knew he wasn't playing at a very high level and may have seen this coming. His SL performance may have earned him a spot on some other NBA teams roster. Whether he is traded or waived I imagine he will be guaranteed a spot in the NBA.

He may be kept by the Raptors and personally I wouldn't mind that at all. I like Douby and even his trademark Unibrow and would welcome him with open arms if he were to stay.

Good luck! QB. If you thought the previous weeks were tough, you're in for a wild ride in the ones coming.