UFC 84: The Greatest Fight Night Yet?

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UFC 84: The Greatest Fight Night Yet?
The UFC event of May 24th will be an exciting fight night.  Not only will two of the greatest lightweights be putting it all on the line, but the under card is stacked with a wealth of talented, hungry, and determined fighters.

Besides the “Prodigy” and the “Muscle Shark” going to war, UFC 84 will showcase names like Lyoto Machida, Tito Oritz, Keth Jardine, Wanderlei Silva, Thiago Silva, Dong Hyun Kim, and Goran Reljic.

The UFC has done an excellent job of gathering an array of talent under one roof and letting them all prove their worth with what is shaping up to be a phenomenal pay-per-view event.  

With so few weight classes and so many fighters, the pay-per-view will feature light heavyweight bouts for nearly 80 percent of the night.  In addition to the heavy-hitting matches, none of these fights should be one guy laying down and taking punishment as we saw at the last UFC pay-per-view with Kalib Starnes.

Every one of these light heavyweight fights has the potential to be the main event.  Lyoto Machida hopes to send Tito Ortiz the goodbye gift of a humiliating loss, and Tito in return wants to show that he is not past his prime.

Wanderlei Silva wants to show that he will regain his championship title, and Jardine wants to show that his victory train is no fluke, and that he can defeat one of the greatest light heavyweights in the history of the sport.

Thiago Silva is looking to showcase his devastating reputation of demolishing opponents. Goran Reljic looks to validate his skills for the first time in front of an American audience.

However, the main event shall be the true spectacle.  Sean Sherk was humiliated after being stripped of his title.  He tested positive for steroids and, despite his proclaimed innocence, he was banned from the sport for six months.

This news shocked several mixed martial arts fans due to the extreme workouts and healthy diet that Sherk puts himself through while training for fights.

He did argue that he did not have knowledge of steroids entering his body, but the courts ruled that the evidence provided was not sufficient enough to lift his banned sentence. The UFC was left with a vacant position for a lightweight title holder.

Enter BJ "The Prodigy" Penn and Joe "Daddy" Stevenson.  Both men were hungry for renown and glory, but only one man would reign supreme at UFC 80.  After an astounding rear naked choke from BJ Penn, the Prodigy became the undisputed lightweight title holder.

Not only did this make him the third lightweight title holder in history, but it made him the second man ever to hold title belts in two different weight classes in the UFC.  After the event, BJ called out Sean, saying inevitably that his day was over and the reign of BJ would ensue.

Sherk, coming off of humiliation, a disappointing title defense,  and a new champ scoffing his abilities, has set his eyes on the prize and plans to use his ill will towards the community to destroy BJ Penn.

With Sean’s work ethic and drive, I believe that this fight will be one exciting match up.  Sean will attempt to take BJ down, and BJ, as always, will be almost impossible to take down.  When he is there, he is nearly impossible to catch.

Wizard- like submissions from Penn are what defeated Joe Stevenson, Matt Hughes, Takanori Gomi, Duane Ludwig, and even the only other former champ Jens Pulver.  His skills on the ground may make Sean think twice about trying to bring BJ to the mat.

However, in mixed martial arts, anything can happen, Sean has stated that he has worked extensively on his boxing and striking capabilities, but will it be enough to take Penn out?

With so many exciting matches coming up, it shall be nothing less than a spectacular night for fans and fighters alike.  UFC 84 may be the greatest of all fight nights.

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