NO MORE FEDOR!!! Now Lets Talk About Carwin.

Charles HaskettContributor IAugust 1, 2009

Okay with Fedor off the block. It is time to consider the Upcoming Future of the UFC.

We have two Pitbulls about to fight it out for a shot at the "big man" Brock Lesnar.

We all know no need for introductions, Shane Carwin vs Cain Velasquez.

Now I am PRO CARWIN, Cain Sympathizers get no love from me, I know he is amazing as well, But we saw from his Kongo fight, that the talent is there, BUT WHERES THE BEEF?

He Dominated Kongo, With more then enough chances at a knock out, But can he do it?

I question that, I do give him credit, But can he really handle a solid chin? I don't know...But I know some one who has a solid chin! :D

That is Heavyweight Contender Shane Carwin

I don't need Wiki for this, Amazing wrestler, and he is enormous. Not only can he handle being rocked (Ganzaga) He Has the ability to rabbit punch you into a KO (Ganzaga haha)

And he has some submission skills, and Alot of experience, He use to be a sparring partner, Then started fighting, the guy is a gangster for sure.

I honestly think he will be the first man to "man-handle" Brock Lesnar, Because Cain will be sleeping 1st round, just like the rest of em.