Josh Barnett's Next MMA Fight Announced

Shawn SmithCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2009

Yes, you read that right, public enemy number one amongst mixed martial arts fans and the most hated man in the sport is planning a return to mixed martial arts and as you probably could have guessed, it’s in Japan.   

Sengoku president Takahiro Kokuho announced Sengoku’s intention to use Josh Barnett on their November 7th show as well as another fighter currently suspended by the California State Athletic Commission in Antonio “Big Foot” Silva. 

It was not announced whether the two fighters will have separate opponents or if they will face off against one another in what could be a very compelling fight and a huge step up in competition for the ever improving Silva. 

In an interesting twist, Kokuho declared that Josh Barnett would be forced to take a steroid test before being allowed to fight for Sengoku, however with the lack of commissions to control promotions in Japan it is unlikely this would be followed up. 

Kokuho stated that both Jorge Santiago and Takanori Gomi still have contracts withSengoku (with Santiago being the Middleweight Champion) and will hopefully compete in the promotion in the future. He also mentioned that Sengoku had intentions of pursuing other Affliction fighters without contracts such as Canadian prospect ChrisHorodecki and the one of the pound for pound best fighters in MMA FedorEmelianenko.