Newcastle United's Michael Owen: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IMay 13, 2008

It's summer, and with June, July and August comes the transfer window. As a Newcastle fan I never tire of seeing Martins, Taylor, Given and Owen constantly linked elsewhere.

I for one understand that journalists have to fill pages, but when it's the same stuff each summer, it really irritates me!

Why are our best players persistently linked away despite them stating they're happy. Even when the supposed "suitors" pour cold water over the reports, they still appear in every newspaper, every day.

Firstly Obafemi Martins, the ex-Inter star, moved to Tyneside in 2006. In interviews he constantly praises the Toon Army and states his love for the vibrant city.

Yet always Arsenal are interested because Wenger once said he'd like to manage Martins in his programme notes.

He even denied any possibility of the move days later, yet for all of summer 2007 I kept seeing "Martins to Arsenal" headlines.

The Owen situation has crept into farce, from get-out clauses to out-of-contract sagas. Nearly every team has been linked with England's front man—Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Man City and even some Japanese team called JEF United Chiba!

As a barcode fan, I'm used to seeing my club splashed across the back pages with incriminating headlines. Personally I thought all this crap ended with the Sheperd era, but why can't Mike Ashley pay the extra million to keep our top goal scorer?

At this rate, who in their right mind would join the Toon?

At the moment it's not a great Tyne to be in Toon...