Deconstructing Hits: Which EA Sports 10 Title Has the Best Soundtrack?

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Deconstructing Hits: Which EA Sports 10 Title Has the Best Soundtrack?

If the Simpsons episode "Marge Be Not Proud" has taught us anything—and I don't think it has, because Bart Simpson gets caught shoplifting merchandise at the Try-N-Save, and I still can't pronounce "Xoxchitla"—it's that having music that connects an individual to the gaming experience is imperative.

Just ask Bart's little wiener friend Milhouse Van Houten (pictured, in all his glory).

Upon playing "Bonestorm" for the first time in the aforementioned episode, Milhouse remarks how great the game already is, despite the fact that he'd only entered his name.

But what was it that gave young "Thrillho" his initial surge of exhilaration?

Why, nothing but the adrenaline-drenched, fist-pumping rock bridge of the game's main menu theme, of course.

Though one can never truly rely on EA Sports to provide a soundtrack that will engulf the average gamer into the virtual playing field the way that "Bonestorm" can, it's still nevertheless fun to muse over where they continuously go wrong in their misguided jukeboxery.

As Bleacher Report's newly self-proclaimed music snob, allow me to break down (old-school, of course) which soundtracks of the three main sports titles set for release this year suck, and which ones blow.

(All pictures used are intellectual property of the respective artists. So, basically, EA Sports and Matt Groening. Not me.)

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