Alabama Football: Victor Beasley to decide future soon?

Joshua HayesContributor IAugust 1, 2009

Vic Beasley is listed at 6” 4” or 6” 5”, 210 to 217 pounds depending on what web page you look at. He is ranked as a 3 star ATH by, 3 star OLB by, and as a 150 watch list ATH candidate by, it’s not sure what position he will play but most think it will be on the defensive side of the ball.

UA has been in good position to land this impressive athlete for a while but now word is getting out that he could commit soon because of his desire to get it out of way before his senior football season starts. He is from Adairsville, Georgia but most believe he is looking to jump state lines. He has multiple scholarship offers from the likes of Vanderbilt, Duke, Clemson, Auburn, Alabama, East Carolina, Louisville, and Stanford. His father played for Auburn but it has been reported that this is a 2 horse race between Clemson and Alabama and has bama as the front runner with his intrest level in bama as high.

His stats are good but nothing overwhelming, but if the Alabama likes this kid enough to offer him a scholarship then I hope when the time comes he dresses out in crimson and white, the question is, what are the chances he will?