Redskins QB'S (Jason Campbell Eyes a Break Out Year)

m samContributor IJuly 31, 2009

ASHBURN, VA - JULY 30:  Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell (#17) talks with fans on opening day of training camp July 30, 2009 in Ashburn, Virginia.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)


Jason Campbell is supposed to be the Redskins answer for a long term QB. So far he has not proven that. He started as a raw prospect from Auburn, a strong armed QB who can stretch the field. Now he has turned into a scared QB who has little confidence.

Through the years as a QB with the Redskins he has grown. Grown into the last QB to throw an int., a man who can shake off rumors of trades and such that would relive his job as the Redskins QB.( Jay Cutler needs to act like JCampbell).

Now that he finally has the same coaches and offensive scheme he has a wide open door that leads to the top tier of NFL QB's. All he has to do is take that step up and go. This is a make or break year for Jason and with most pieces of the puzzle, he should succeed.


Good OLE' Todd. Yes he is a antique QB, but with that out of the way, he is very accurate and smart. He showed that when he had to step up and take over the team when Jason Campbell got hurt. 

In my mind Todd's career is over, as a NFL QB, but not as a mentor. The redskins have two young prospects that Todd can help trim and mentor into eventually starting at the QB position. 


A very successful college QB, who has the potential. But as i said needs to be groomed and taught.