A Never Ending Saga: USC

Chris ConradCorrespondent IMay 13, 2008

Who is to blame in the scandal between OJ Mayo and Rodney Guillory?

With whom supplied Mayo with $200,000 including clothes, plasma TV’s, and spending money for the everyday college life. NCAA rules prohibit College athletes receiving money and gifts.

Besides the gifts and money from Guillory, Mayo received courtside tickets from his friend Carmelo Anthony. Mayo said he doesn’t regret taking those tickets.

The allegations came out late Sunday night. Mayo, who was at his mother’s house, said he knew nothing about these accusations against him. "I had no knowledge of anything like that. I'll find out more when I meet with Mr. Duffy and Mr. Calvin Andrews of BDA." Mayo said in a statement released Sunday night.

Mayo who averaged 20.7 points a game and 3.3. Assist has declared for the NBA draft. He said he plans to not stress over this and his thoughts are about the pre draft camp which will take place May 27-May 30th in Orlando, Florida.

As this unfolds we start to wonder why USC had been under the radar for this before. Including current Saint running back Reggie Bush. Who was suspected of having his family stay in a house right near the campus.

The question about the whole Mayo saga is who ratted out the 19 year old phenom? Mayo told ESPN.com: "I would just like to know if I did get money, where did the money go? I was a struggling college student like everyone else. I bicycled to class. The truth will come out, even though the perception is reality".

Well I guess we will have to wait to see who spilled but as of now, you can not take the focus of OJ Mayo’s effort and work ethic and all he did for USC. He brought back tradition and should be recognized whether he took the money or not.