Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver: Character Issues Already?

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IMay 13, 2008

This is not what the Buffalo Bills need right now.

They have a young, up-and-coming team. A wide receiver with character issues will not help team chemistry.

I was sure the Bills management had thoroughly checked into James Hardy's background. Having a gun permit should be a red flag immediately, and something the Bills should have looked further into.

Yes, having a gun is a legal. However, with the recent troubles in the NFL and some of its players owning guns, this type of issue should be examined by every team.

These players are an investment to the team and a team has every right to inquire about everything in a player's life.

Adding a clause into contracts is a great way to make sure that athletes who do own firearms use them in a proper fashion (IE: hunting).

With that said, I would like to know why Hardy even needs a gun.

I hope the Bills don't have their own Chris Henry on their hands now.