Breaking News: Redskins First Rounder Orakpo Signs Deal

Jessica DAnalyst IJuly 31, 2009

Brian Orakpo, the No. 13 selection from Texas in this year's draft, has signed a five-year, $20 million deal ($12.1 guaranteed) with his team, the Washington Redskins.

The deal ended a one-day holdout—Orakpo was the only player absent when camp opened on Thursday. Today he took the field, on his 23rd birthday.

"Got the deal done. My pocket's a little bigger. On your birthday, it's always a good thing," Orakpo said.

Indeed, it was quite a wonderful gift he received. Orakpo gets to show why he received that gift today, as he will be fully participating in afternoon workouts.

Orakpo primarily played defensive end at Texas, where he had 11 sacks last season. The Redskins hope he can be their starting strongside linebacker "who can play end in pass-rushing situations" (AP, Joseph White).

Despite all the good feelings surrounding the signing, Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Blache was not happy when Orakpo was a no-show for the two practices on the first day, especially since he's learning a new position.

"He's not getting better," Blache said Thursday. "We are not getting better as a team. When a guy holds out—doesn't help him, doesn't help the football team. The only person it benefits is the agent, so he can recruit people next year."