Nationals? More Like the Washington Fats

Corey GallagherContributor IMay 12, 2008

The Washington Nationals' problems offensively can be shown no better than this. It is sad when a vast number of your key and role players have a lower batting average than they do official weight.
Nick Johnson
237 pounds - .223

Wily Mo Pena
268 pounds - .219
Austin Kearns
238 pounds - .208

Paul Lo Duca
213 pounds - .200

Ronnie Belliard
214 pounds - .197

Johnny Estrada
254 pounds - .179

Two players are closing in on this dubious stat as well:

Ryan Zimmerman
228 pounds - .240

Willie Harris
186 pounds - .196

This is not including 300-pound Dmitri Young who has only two at-bats.

As of May 11, the Nationals' average weight for position players was 230 and the team batting average was .237. When your team cant even carry its own weight while batting, there are serious problems that aren't just with the pitching staff.