Drink Up, Youngblood

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Drink Up, Youngblood


In the latest Out of Right Field, Jared and Bryan tried to reprise the gold they struck but a fortnight earlier. However, they struck some type of futuristic alloy, which - if you really think about it - is pretty badass too. 

Within it, the pair addresses such pressing issues as:
• All-inclusive taco dip
• The Foo Fighters
• Ruben Quevedo
• A “Craigy McCounsell”-type  work of art
• Throwing back home runs  

Read that thing HERE.

Other reading/viewing assignments:

- Miller Park Drunk’s guide to hangovers. My movies of choice are Revenge of the Nerds, Baseketball and Wet Hot American Summer.

- An interview with Chelcie Ross, who played Eddie Harris (the junkballing Christian) in Major League. He has a funny story about meeting Bob Uecker.

- Chan Ho Park eating various soups.

- Brew Crew Ball talks J.J. Hardy’s skills. Not included was his skill to inspire a bobblehead I could sell for $15 yesterday.  

- I’ve littered Bugs & Cranks with trade deadlne-influenced content. Other July 31 deadlines and a fluff feature about MLB’s official Guy-in-New-Hat-Photoshopper.

- And if you have time, round out your assigned reading with Franz Kafka’s “The Sirens”, the most eerily beautiful prose ever constructed by man.

These are the seductive voices of the night; The Sirens, too, sang that way. It would be doing them an injustice to think that they wanted to seduce; they know they had claws and sterile wombs, and they lamented this aloud.
They could not help it if their laments sounded so beautiful.

[crying like newborn] Have a good weekend [sniffles] and check back for more stuff this weekend.

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