Eagles VS. Cardinals Stats Review (originally Posted on My FB 1/15/09)

Pat EganCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 01:  Kurt Warner #13 of the Arizona Cardinals looks on before Super Bowl XLIII against the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 1, 2009 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Some of you asked me how i thought the game would go, others i just saw your status and figured you may care, others i know are Eagles fans and others are probably going to care more about getting me a life after this then the game itself

I took all the Eagles Away games and all teh Cardinals home games and averaged it out
i averaged the stats for:
Top 2 WR
and Def

Average passing yards per game: Warner beats Mcnabb with 289 to 250.8
Average passing TD's per game: Warner once again beats Mcnabb with 2 TD's to 1
Average INT's per game: that also goes to Warner with .6 INT's to Mcnabbs 1.1
QB rating: Warner puts the nail in the coffin with a home rating of 106.4 compared to Mcnabbs away of 74.4
Warner obviously won this it wasnt too close
Last time these two teams played
WARNER: 65.7 Qb Rating 235 yards 3 INT 3 TD's
MCNABB: 121.7 QB rating 260 yards and 4 TD's 0 INTS

WESTBROOK VS. EDGERIN JAMES (he seems to be the #1 back going into this game)
Average rushing yards per game: goes to 36 West with 58.5 compared to James 41
Average Recieving yards per game: also goes to Westbrook with 40.3 to Edge's 4.5
Average Td's a game: goes to Westbrook again with .75 TD's a game to James' .13
neither have fumbled
Westbrook dominates here but hes injured so its more even then it looks
Last time these two teams played each other:
WESTBROOK: 110 Rushing Yards 2 Rushing TD's 20 Recieving yards 2 Recieving TD's
Edge didnt play

#1 WR
Average Recieving yards: go to Fitz with 75.7 to 54.1
Average catchs a game: go to Fitz aswell beating Jackson 5.3 to 3.5
Average TD's a game: Fitz again with .8 TD's a game to Jacksons .1
Average Yards per catch: only catagory Jackson wins edging out Fitz 14.6 yards to 13.4
Jackson shouldnt feel bad and this should come as no suprise Fitz is the best WR in the leage
Last time these two teams played:
FITZ: 5 Receptions for 65 yards and 13 Yards per catch with 2 TD
Jackson: 6 grabs for 76 yards and a 12.7 yards per reception with 1 TD

#2 WR
Average recieving yards: Boldin jumps out to an early lead beating Curtis 81.7 yards to 48.3
Average catchs: also goes to Boldin with 6.2 to Curtis' 4.2
Average TD's in a game: shocker here Boldin beats Cutris 1.2 to 0
Yards per reception: Boldin sweeps the series grabing 16.4 yards a catch and Curtis only 12
If Fitz is the best WR you have to make a case as Boldin for #2 in the league but hes battling a hamstring injury and wont be as effective. Like the Westbrook situation it makes it more even
Last time these two teams played each other
BOLDIN: 5 grabs for 63 Yards and a 12.6 yards per reception with 0 TD
CURTIS: 5 Receptions for 59 yards a 11.8 yards per grab and 0 TD

Average passing yards per game: Eagles win this one keeping their opponents to 192.3 yards to 226.1
Average TD a game: Eagles only let up 1.1 while the Cardinals let up 2. so Eagles win
Average INT in a game: Cardinals win this one picking the ball off .89 to the Eagles .80 a game
Average completion %: Eagles finish strong grabbing this one with a 53.37% to the Cardinals 63.82%
Eagles obviously defend the pass better
Average rushing yards per game: Cardinals barely win holding their opponents to 100.7 yards to 102
Average TD a game: Cardinals barely win this one too wth .55 TD a game to the Eagles .60 a game
Average yards per carry: Cardinals finish this out stopping the run with 3.17 to the Eagles 4.52
Cardinals win VS. the Run
Eagles win at Reciecing yards and TD (look at the passing stats)
AVG yards per catch: Cardinals win this with an average of 11.16 yards per catch to the Eagles 10.47
Eagles win the catagory winning the important stat
Eagles pass rush was strong on the road dropping their opponet 2.6 times a game to the cardinals 2.1
Cardinals were strong at home taking the ball away 2 times a game compared to the Eagles 1.4
Eagles wn this holding their opponent to only 19.6 PPG in their home. Cardinals give up 22.4 PPG and seem to be a gratious host


Eagles average 21.5 PPG on the road
Cardinals average 30.2 PPG at home

Looks to be a very even matchup could go either way. i figured id let you judge your own opinon on the game. feel free to write comments i just think during this time we all tend to wear green tinted glasses and think the teams the Eagles play all suck